What is Phandaro Investment Pty Ltd

Phandaro Investments is an independent 100% black female owned Economic Development implementation, management and business consulting company with strong BBBEE transactional and economic development capabilities, that operates across all provinces as the preferred equity empowerment partner to international and local energy, mining, construction and manufacturing companies..

Our deep understanding of the fundamental basis for the regulator’s requirements, combined with our first-hand appreciation for the challenges faced by our clients and their stakeholders, enable us to compile over hundreds of Socio-Economic Development Programmes, including Social and Labour Plans, Community Development, Corporate Social Investment, Social Impact Assessment, Enterprise Development, Skills Development, Charter Compliance and Reporting.

We help companies to understand, plan, grow and optimise economic development strategies by providing an integrated approach to development issues in the process assisting them meet their development, compliance and reporting requirements through effective social, economic and community development.

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We deliver tried and true practical solutions to Socio-Economic Development (SED), Enterprise Development (ED), Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBBEE) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Responsibility (CSR), Transformation, Human Capital Development, Learning Management, Fund Raising, Business Advisory and Trust Boards.

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Research has indicated that enterprises that have accepted their Corporate Social Responsibilities and actively drive community upliftment projects find it easier to build their brands and penetrate markets. We help simplify the alignment and integration strategies of our clients’ Socio-Economic Development, Enterprise Development and BBBEE efforts in line with South Africa’s:

  • Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act
  • National Development Plan (NDP)
  • Economic Development growth path
  • Socio-Economic Development and Enterprise Development
  • Renewable Energy Independent Power Procurement Programme (REIPPP)
  • Department of Energy (DoE) compliance
  • Department of Mineral Resources (DMR)


Our vision is to be the preferred local equity partner to international and local companies who are looking for a complete integrated sustainable solution for all their economic development requirements.

  •  To add value through outstanding efficiency
  • To be a reliable partner
  • To deliver affordable quality service
  • To continuously adapt to changing needs of our clients, industry and environment
  • To assist our clients in sustaining superior business results through the development of human performance.
  • To assure commitment to community responsibility
  • To be the preferred partner in Human Capital, Skills Development and Corporate Social Responsibility through the provision of a superior service to our partners, which are our Clients

Our Values

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Creating experiences with our clients that are second to none and overjoying them with the results, the level of engagement displayed by all team members, and the positive impact we have on their ED, SED, CSI, CSR, business and environment.


It’s all about results! We implement meaningful ED and SED solutions that are sustainable and create long-term value, delivering a clear return on your investment and positive environmental and social impacts.


At the end of the day, it’s about people working together to achieve extraordinary results. We will engage ethically, positively, and with complete transparency. We build trust, teamwork, and a culture of performance that values innovation and collaborative solutions.


We will never stop striving to find the most innovative and impactful solutions possible.


It takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, talents and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed. We encourage inclusivity, collaborative, healthy debate and differences of opinion.


We build long-term relationships with our customers, their stakeholders and our shareholders

Why Choose Us

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Local Experience

We are best positioned with local experience to manage various stakeholder interests in term of relationship management and community liaison functions. Our proven ability to optimize your bid SED score and manage the economic development implementation will ensure a meaningful social contribution is made by the projects

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We have developed capacity to enable us to respond to your requests within reasonable turnaround times with highly experienced management team across needs assessment, consultation planning, implementation, measurement and reporting.

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Position you for success

Creating long-term business value under the South African environment depends on implementing strategies that position your organisation for future success across the areas of governance and operations, supply chains, empowerment and the well-being of your employees, stakeholders and communities. We will be your true value adding partner.

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The secret to successful SED activities is the ability to implement the provisions creatively and not merely fulfilling duties of compliance We help you understand and work with governance structures in South Africa under the energy, mining, construction and logistics sectors as well as with the delivery of development programmes which assist in BBBEE and relevant legislation compliance.

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Our passion is to enable transformation across all levels from the community to the boardroom. We help you design a future where you are able to adapt quickly and grasp opportunity at the moment it arises in South Africa whilst empowering local communities.

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Our ability to operate at both community grassroots level as well as boardroom level, thereby ensuring that our strategic advice to you is of a holistic and sustainable nature.

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We help you implement develop and socio-economic development programmes that are self-sufficient and self-dependent outliving Phandaro Investment’s project exit.

Our Experience
Here at Phandaro Investment we major in different sector of service delivery but not limited to the following

Engineering & Construction


Renewable Energy


Coal Energy


Petroleum Energy


Mining Sectors


Finance Institutions


Enterprise Development Organisation


Organisational Transformation






BBBEE Consulting


Economic and Strategic Development