Phandaro Investments undertakes various forms of social science research and provides strategic support to clients in all aspects of their business and engagements.

We provide high quality research and timely information to support local development projects and programme planning, policy making, and other activities within the Socio-Economic Development and Enterprise Development environment.

We offer quantitative and qualitative research solutions on community needs and opportunities assessments to enable clients to have an in-depth understanding of their challenges and opportunities. With this we also offer blue-prints for improvement.

We provide the following services to our Clients:

  • B-BBEE and Socio-Economic Impact Assessments.
  • Identification of beneficiary communities.
  • Identification of key local community Stakeholders and interested or affected parties.
  • Literacy and skills levels identification within the communities.
  • Identification of trustees, trustee training and Trust management advisory services.

We also conduct:

  • Broad-based industry and entrepreneurial analysis.
  • Identification of risks and challenges which may impact the clients’ project.
  • Submission of Community Needs and Opportunity Assessment reports.