We identify markets and business opportunities for beneficiaries of Enterprise and Supplier development. Then develop customised Enterprise development programmes that are aligned to the community or beneficiary dynamics as well your business specific requirements.

Enterprise Development

We help starting and setting up Community-Based Enterprises to provide Socio-Economic Empowerment in the process develop entrepreneurs in ICT, logistics, Agriculture, Light Industries and Manufacturing.

We provide the following:

  • SMME Development and Training Programmes
  • Identify markets and opportunities in the local economy for SMMEs
  • Enable SMME to access the economic mainstream
  • Creation of income generation opportunities
  • Provide sponsorship of work-related equipment, support services etc
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of ESD beneficiaries
  • SMME Accounting, reporting and compliance software

Entrepreneurs Development

Through our extensive process and knowledge, we identify existing entrepreneurs and individuals with potential to become entrepreneurs within communities and enhance their economic means and capacity through:

  • We develop the Entrepreneur enabling him/her to build self-sustainable business
  • Mentor, coach and train Entrepreneur on basic business practices
  • Provides tools to run a successful business
  • Work with an Entrepreneur that is struggling to run his/her business until they develop the right capacity
  • Work with an Entrepreneur that wants to expand his/her business to the next levels of production.
  • Identifies key needs, markets and opportunities
  • We help the entrepreneur to establish or expand their markets, improve their profitability and increase business sustainability.
  • Monitor and report on performance