Business can work in the best interest of everyone. For the greater good and for your bottom line. We provide corporates with real, proven and sustainable economic development projects which uplift and improve the quality of life of communities or beneficiaries and, meet CSI and B-BBEE requirements.

Our experienced team of advisors will work with you to evaluate how your business operates in it’s social, economic, and environmental contexts, create conscious strategies and leverage your corporate influence to drive change and adopt sustainable approaches for social responsibility.

Our programs and project will use your CSI contributions for:

  • Job creation
  • Enterprise development
  • Skills development training
  • Educational development
  • Establish community-based project
  • Community health and infrastructure

How our CSI initiatives benefit your company

  • Build an incredible reputation through an innovative corporate social responsibility program
  • Contribute to brand awareness and company marketing
  • Align your company with industry charter, political and governmental requirements
  • Develop a culture of giving