We develop, implementation and manage on behave of our clients and their beneficiary Sustainable Socio-Economic and Development Programmes and Projects results in meaningful empowerment, sustainable livelihood development, skills development, income creation, enterprise development and poverty eradication in disadvantaged communities and historically disadvantaged people.

Programmes are selected based on the community or beneficiary dynamic as well the Clients specific requirements. We ensure that our clients meet their industrial specific legislative, charter and best practise requirements and the specific needs of the beneficiaries.

  • Risk and Socio-Impact Assessments
  • Relevant stakeholder identification and engagement
  • Projects identification and alignment to the Clients overall corporate strategy
  • Projects sustainability and success indicators
  • Conduct Community Needs assessments
  • Evidence collection, monitoring and reporting
  • Community based projects plan development
  • Implementation of Community based Projects
  • Career Paths Mapping
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Entrepreneurial Development